Launch Global Forest Risk Registry

Launch of the updated Global Forest Registry

An updated Global Forest Registry has been launched to coincide with the consultation of the first results of FSC’s Centralized National Risk Assessment.

The updated version of the Global Forest Registry, accessible here, was created to align with FSC’s revised risk assessment procedures, which were approved in November 2014. It therefore provides designations of low and specified risk areas globally, and specifications of risks where they are present.

All FSC risk assessments can be found on the updated registry. These include already-approved (following previous requirements) National Risk Assessments, as well as draft assessments made as part of FSC’s Centralized National Risk Assessment that were conducted according to revised requirements and are currently undergoing consultation.

During the transition from the current to the revised Controlled Wood system, both versions of the Global Forest Registry will function. Presently, the current versions of Controlled Wood standards are in force, and therefore the ‘old’ database shall be used for risk designations by certificate holders in the way they have been using it so far.

The launch of the new database is related to the consultation on the CNRA, where all interested stakeholders will be able to provide feedback on the outcomes of the risk assessments that have been conducted before they are finalized and made effective.

Users of the Global Forest Registry are also welcomed to provide feedback on all aspects of the new website, such as appearance, layout, functionality and usability. Please send any feedback you may have to the Development Team.

Any stakeholders that have spatial data (‘layers’) containing information relevant for the database (such as maps of High Conservation Values, areas relevant for the rights of traditional peoples, etc.) and may be willing to share it are encouraged to contact FSC. Organizations interested in the database are also encouraged to contact us to discuss potential possibilities for cooperation.

This Registry is your free source of information on the risk of sourcing unacceptable material throughout the world.

Your tool for avoiding unacceptable material

The registry covers more than 150 countries worldwide and is targeted towards any party wishing to exercise due diligence on sourcing of raw materials. Whether you are a producer, retailer, distributor, wholesaler, or public buyer, you will find useful information for your purchasing decision here. If you are a representative of stakeholder organizations such as social and environmental NGOs, we hope that you will find this resource useful, too – and that you will help us to build an even better site by contributing information.

Would you like to source Controlled Wood?

Then this website is an excellent tool for you. It is designed according to the FSC requirements for sourcing Controlled Wood and as such the database may be used by companies aiming to meet the FSC Controlled Wood requirements. All the official risk assessments approved by FSC are also made available on this site (see related disclaimer below).

Check this website frequently!

Please note that the information on this website is being continuously updated. In many cases available information is incomplete, and is provided only as guidance. We are generally following the principle of precaution, so in case of missing information, a region will be classified as “unspecified risk”, although a closer examination may show that it is really “low risk” for a specific risk category. The site will become increasingly useful, as more thorough risk evaluations are being conducted in various areas.

Join our work

If you would like to contribute to maintenance of the site or information gathering, please see the support page.



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FSC-Related Disclaimer

For risk assessment conducted according to the FSC-STD-40-005, ONLY entries (or information) that have been formally reviewed and approved by FSC and are marked as such (highlighted) can be considered conclusive and may be used by FSC candidate or certified companies in risk assessments and will meet the FSC standards without further verification. The other information provided in this website must be used as unofficial guidance and typically requires additional or further due diligence or independent verification for those using this information, be they user companies, independent verifiers/certifiers, NGOs, etc. You can see the countries with approved risk assessment in the FSC document: FSC-PRO-60-002b V2-0 EN List of FSC-approved Controlled Wood documents . Risk assessments are in one of the following categories:

  1. Official approved by FSC, Mandatory for Chain of Custody certified companies with Controlled Wood in scope
  2. Draft prepared by the designated organization (FSC National Office or other), under review by FSC, for guidance only
  3. Draft prepared by NEPCon, for guidance only