Launch Global Forest Risk Registry

Version 2 of the Global Forest Registry launched!

September 2, 2010

2 September 2010: The second version of the Global Forest Registry is now launched! Among its brand new features, you may now use this free online tool to get information on the risk of sourcing unacceptable wood at sub-country level.

Until now, the system could only handle information at country level. With the second version in place, informationcan be displayed at state, county or municipality level.

Another new significant feature is the ability to upload custom map data on a separate map layer. This will enable users to click on these layers and see the precise location of endangered High Conservation Value Forest, areas where violation of civil rights is known to occur, etc.

A mind-boggling task

“I am truly pleased with this amazing achievement. With its new features, the Global Forest Registry has finally got the full technical framework to fulfill its purpose as a key tool in non-risk wood sourcing. It has been a mind-boggling task for the expert team to get this far.”, says Peter Feilberg, CEO of NEPCon and member of the development team.

“Our next actions will be to improve the site’s user interface and to collect moredata. All suggestions and inputs from stakeholders are very welcome. Our key focus right now is on encouraging FSC National Initiatives to work on preparing controlled wood risk assessments and having them approved by FSC. This is an obvious way to strengthen the Risk Registry and fill in more sub-national information”.

Check the site often

Member of the Risk Registry development team Hando Hain says: “The benefits of the new features may not be very obvious at this stage, as we are still waiting for more detailed risk assessments. The new features can be seen by looking at countries with officially approved FSC controlled wood risk assessments, such as Chile or Australia, where the risk levels vary within the country. These variations are now visible on the maps. Also, mappings of globally significant High Conservation Value Forest areas – such as Intact Forest Landscapes, Global 200 Ecoregions and Biodiversity Hotspots – are visible on the map layer. More data will be added as soon as it becomes available. We strongly recommend users to check the Forest Risk Registry regularly, as the site is sure to bring much more information as we upload additional data”

NEPCon, Rainforest Alliance and Forest Stewardship Council are behind the Global Forest Registry.

The Programming and technical work was done by the Estonian company Positium LBS, who specializes on web-based GIS and positioning solutions. The Global Forest Registry is based on a variety of open source technologies enabling advanced solutions for processing large data volumes and applying complex algorithms to calculate risk relations.