Navigation and zooming
You can also pan the map with the arrow keys or dragging with the mouse
 Zoom in / zoom out
You can also zoom in and out using your mouse scrollwheel
 Zoom out to globe view
Zoom to specific area
Press Shift and drag a retangle over the area you would like to zoom to
Working with the layers
2Change the basemap type
For basemap layers, the layers from Google maps are used. Please note that you can also choose to show "No Basemap". In this view only the risk layers are displayed, enabling a clear distinct view of the two risk type areas.
3Change the CW Category
Choose the Controlled Wood category for which you would like to see the risk status. All shows the combigned overall risk status. None enables to see only the basemap (can be useful for navigation and for finding specific place).
4Switch between administrative and object view
In the administrative view, the administrative division units are displayed. As you zoom in, the map will automatically switch to display lower level administrative units. In the object view, you can see additional map layers influencing the risk status. While in object view, you can also switch between CW categories to see objects related to different CW categories. Click on the object layer to see more information. If there are several objects, you will see a list with choices.
5List of countries with FSC approved risk assessments
The list shows you countries where the risk assessments are approved by FSC International. Clicking on the country will automatically zoom to the selected country. You can also download a PDF file with the full list and indicating the overall risk status for each country.
Available tools
 Print current map view
Generates pdf with countries whos risk status has been confirmed
 Send email with the current map view link
Opens up your default email client with a link to current map view
 Opens a dialog with a link to current map view
 This user-interface guide you are currently viewing
Start typing to get the suggestions and then select one to center it on the map
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How to access risk information?

Whenever you have any CW category layer displayed (either in administrative or object view), you can click on the layer and a new window with risk information will be displayed.

By default the system will show you the info for the administrative unit you are viewing. For example if you are zoomed to see the states of USA and click on a state, the system will display info related to that state. However you can always switch to see info on country level from within the information window.