Launch Global Forest Risk Registry

A New Tool for Risk Evaluation

With the introduction of FSC’s controlled wood standard (FSC-STD-40-005), companies mixing FSC certified wood with non-certified material need to avoid sourcing of wood from controversial sources, as defined by FSC. Risk evaluation of the sourcing districts is an important component of the Controlled Wood scheme. The standard includes specific requirements for risk evaluation as well as definition of controversial sources.

The FSC Global Forest Registry is a tool providing companies with easy access to available public information in more than 150 countries. All countries with more than 100,000 hectares of forest land are so far included.

The system is currently open for use on a voluntary basis by companies doing risk assessment. Subject to further development and testing, FSC is considering to make the use of the system mandatory in risk evaluations. Note that already now all risk evaluations which are approved by FSC are included in this website.

The system is developed by NEPCon in close cooperation with the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. Furthermore, several FSC National Initiatives have provided information.

We expect to update and improve the system based on stakeholder feedback and as additional information becomes available.


The following are key documents in relation to FSC Controlled Wood system for chain of custody companies.