Launch Global Forest Risk Registry

Support the Global Forest Registry

The second phase of technical upgrade of the website has now been succesfully completed, however the website is continuously being upgraded. Also there are monthly costs related to hosting and upkeeping the site.

Most importantly however the website needs to be continuously populated with useful and up to date information from various countries and regions. No matter how technically advanced, the tool can be only as good as the data in the system. We are currently looking for sponsors supporting one or more of the following activities:

  • Developing more detailed national or sub-national risk assessment studies (sponsor may designate the area or country of interest)
  • Maintenance of the information on the website (updating information; responding to stakeholder comments etc)
  • Continuous technical improvements of the features, interface etc.

If you wish to explore the options for supporting this website, please contact project coordinator Asko Lust via e-mail or phone +372 7 380 723.