Launch Global Forest Risk Registry

Asko Lust, Auditor in NEPCon Estonia

Asko is responsible for the daily work with the Global Forest Registry. He analyses input from stakeholders and uploads relevant information to the online system. If you have any input to the Global Forest Registry – Asko is the right person to contact. Asko is experienced chain of custody and forest management auditor in NEPCon and he is based in NEPCon Estonian office.

Phone: +372 7380 723

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Joanna Nowakowska, Program Manager (Controlled Wood) of FSC International Center

Joanna manages the FSC Controlled Wood Program, including the development of the FSC Controlled Wood Standards. She is the main contact person at FSC for providing guidance and for reviewing the quality of the information.


Phone: +49 228 367 66 922

Hando Hain, Development manager of NEPCon

Based in NEPCon’s Estonian office, Hando is the lead person within the NEPCon for FSC Controlled Wood issues. He has coordinated the technical development of the Global Forest Registry homepage and provided valuable input to the development of the system.

Phone: +372 56 679 888

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Peter Feilberg, Executive Director of  NEPCon

Peter was member of the FSC Controlled Wood technical working group and as such involved in developing the standard. He has promoted the idea of developing a Global Forest Registry and is providing continuous support and advice to the whole team.

Phone: +372 56 640 246

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